Millipedes of Britain and Ireland

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Systematic Check List

Nomenclature follows Lee, P. (2006) Atlas of the Millipedes (Diplopoda) of Britain and Ireland. Pensoft.

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Order: Polyxenida
Family: Polyxenidae
SuperOrder: Oniscomorpha
Order: Glomerida
Family: Glomeridae
SuperOrder: Colobognatha
Order: Polyzoniida
Family: Siphonotidae
Family: Polyzoniidae
Order : Siphonophorida
Family : Siphonophoridae
SuperOrder: Merocheta
Order: Polydesmida
Family: Chelodesmidae
Family: Oniscodesmidae
Family: Haplodesmidae
Family: Polydesmidae
Family: Pyrgodesmidae
Family: Trichopolydesmidae
Family: Paradoxosomatidae
SuperOrder: Nematophora
Order: Chordeumatida
Family: Chordeumatidae
Family: Anthogonidae
Family: Anthroleucosomatidae
Family: Vandeleumatidae
Family: Brachychaeteumatidae
Family: Opisthocheiridae
Family: Craspedosomatidae
Family: Haplobainosomatidae
Family: Haaseidae
SuperOrder: Juliformia
Order: Julida
Family: Blaniulidae
Family: Julidae
Family: Nemasomatidae
Order: Spirobolida
Family: Spirobolellidae
Family: Pseudospirobolellidae