Polydesmus taranus Verhoeff, 1936


Non-native, accidental introduction.

ID Difficulty


A relatively small species with Cornish male specimens between 10 to 10.5 mm in length. It is very similar in appearance to, and often occurs with, Polydesmus asthenestatus (a slightly smaller species)

The two species are readily distinguished from each other (and from Brachydesmus superus and other Polydesmus species) by the shape of the male gonopods, which are figured in Gregory (2023).

Andy Marquis
Andy Marquis

Distribution and Habitat

First discovered in Britain in 2021 in an ornamental garden in Cornwall 'hiding' among specimens of Polydesmus asthenestatus (Gregory, 2023). Subsequently it has been found on Guernsey in 2022 and on the Isle of Wight in 2023 (it is of note that P. asthenestatus was also found at this latter site).

Adults can be found in the winter months. 

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