Bulletin of the British Myriapod Group Vols 1-16 (1972, 1985-2000)

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BMG Bulletin Volume 14 (1998)

  • Editorial
  • Rationale for the inclusion of seven species of millipede on the UK biodiversity action plan - P.T. Harding download paper
  • New Irish Vice-county records for centipedes (Chilopoda) - M. Cawley download paper
  • A preliminary list of the myriapods of Orkney - A.D. Barber download paper
  • A description of Schendyla peyerimhoffi Brölemann and Ribaut (1911) - R. E. Jones download paper
  • The Latin names of British Centipedes - G. Craig Slawson download paper
  • Some comments on the Latin names of British Millipedes - C.A.W. Jeekel download paper
  • Lithobius forficatus (Chilopoda, Lithobiomorpha) with highly abnormal features - A.D. Barber download paper
  • Errata download paper
  • Book review: Animals Under Logs and Stones by C.P. Wheater & H.J. Read - P. Smithers download paper

BMG Bulletin Volume 1 (1972)

  • British Myriapod Group: Inauguration, Field Meetings and News
  • British Myriapod Survey - C.P. Fairhurst & A.D. Barber
  • Myriapodology: Retrospect – S.G. Brade-Birks
  • The Distribution of British Millipedes as known at the end of 1969 – J. Gordon Bower
  • Some notes on the Chilopoda of South-East England – A.D. Barber

BMG Bulletin Volume 10 (1994)

  • Editorial
  • Suffolk Millipedes - P. Lee download paper
  • The occurrence of Craspedosoma rawlinsii Leach (Diplopoda) in East Anglia - P.T. Harding & R.E. Jones download paper
  • On a case of abnormal segmentation in Lithobius variegatus Leach (Chilopoda: Lithobiomorpha) - J.G.E. Lewis download paper
  • Local differences in age structure of the populations of the centipede Lithobius variegatus Leach in the Quantock Hills, Somerset - J.G.E. Lewis download paper
  • On some cases of structural abnormality in Lithobius (Chilopoda, Lithobiomorpha) - A. Garcia Ruiz download paper
  • An investigation into the effect of environment on the number of pediferous segments in Haplophilus subterraneus Shaw - some preliminary results - A.N. Keay download paper
  • On the true identity of Geophilus sorrentinus Attems (Chilopoda: Geophilomorpha) - J.G.E. Lewis download paper
  • The characteristics of an adolescens stadium Geophilus linearis C.L. Koch (=Clinopodes linearis) (Chilopoda: Geophilomorpha) - J.G.E. Lewis & A.N. Keay download paper
  • Lithobius quadridentatus Menge, 1851, the senior synonym of L. piceus L. Koch 1862 - E.H. Eason download paper
  • Tasmania and its Myriapods - R. Mesibov download paper
  • A review of the Central Asian millipede fauna - H.J. Read & S.I. Golovatch download paper
  • Swiss millipedes: Book review - A.D. Barber download paper

BMG Bulletin Volume 11 (1995)

  • Editorial
  • Obituary - Colin Peter Fairhurst - J.G. Blower download paper
  • Oxfordshire millipedes - S.J. Gregory download paper
  • A dichotomous key to the geophilomorph centipedes - A.N. Keay download paper
  • A tabular key to British geophilomorphs - A.D. Barber & A.N. Keay download paper
  • Some cases of structural abnormality in Scolopendra (Chilopoda, Scolopendromorpha) - A. Garcia Ruiz download paper
  • Records of millipedes in central southern England - R.D. Kime download paper
  • The appearance and disappearance of telopodal glands during the development of Lithobius microps (Lithobiomorpha, Lithobiidae) - J.G.E. Lewis & P.C.S. Yeung download paper
  • Lithobius lucifugus L. Koch (Chilopoda, Lithobiomorpha), a centipede new to the British Isles from Scotland - A.D. Barber download paper
  • Some myriapod records for north Essex - S.J. Gregory download paper
  • 9th International congress of Myriapodology, Paris - H.J. Read download paper

BMG Bulletin Volume 12 (1996)

  • Editorial
  • Obituary - F.A. Turk 1911-1996 download paper
  • Anamastigona pulchellum Silvestri (Chordeumatida: Anthroleucosomatidae) an addition to the fauna of northern Europe, recorded from Ireland - R. Anderson download paper
  • Haplopodoiulus spathifer (Brolemann, 1897) in southeast England: A millipede new to the British Isles - G.B. Corbet & R.E. Jones download paper
  • Melogona voigti (Verhoeff) from the Lothians: A millipede new to the British Isles - G.B. Corbet download paper
  • Anthogona britannica Mauriès and Polydesmus barberii Latzel in Devon: Millipedes new to the British Isles - D.E. Bolton & R.E. Jones download paper
  • Poldesmus barberii Latzel and Anthogona britannica Mauriès in Devon - D.E. Bolton download paper
  • Oxfordshire centipedes - S.J. Gregory download paper
  • A key to the Lithobiomorph centipedes of Britain - A.D. Barber download paper
  • The Latin names of British Millipedes - G.C. Slawson download paper
  • Colin Peter Fairhurst (1942-1994): bibliography of works on Myriapoda - Compiled by P.T. Harding download paper
  • Book review: Millipedes, centipedes and woodlice of the Sheffield are by P. Richards - A.D. Barber download paper
  • Book review: An atlas of Oxfordshire Myriapoda: Diplopoda & Chilopoda by S.J. Gregory & J.M. Cambell - H.J. Read download paper

BMG Bulletin Volume 13 (1997)

  • Editorial
  • Myriapods of moorland habitats in the Sidlaw Hills, Angus - G.B. Corbet download paper
  • The possible factors affecting the distribution and abundance of the centipedes Lithobius variegatus Leach and Lithobius forficatus (Linn.) in the British Isles - J.G.E. Lewis download paper
  • Extract from "The history of four-footed beasts and serpents and insects" - T. Muffet, 1685 download paper
  • A description of Chalandea pinguis (Brölemann, 1898) - R.E. Jones & A.D. Barber download paper
  • A simple shingle trap for myriapods - A.D. Barber download paper
  • Miscellanea:  Lithobius piceus L. Koch Conservation of a name - A.D. Barber; Lithobius lucifugus C.L. Koch - A.D. Barber & R.E. Jones Cases of structural abnormality in Cryptops - A. Garcia Ruiz; A second record of Lithobius pilicornis from Sheffield - P. Richards download Miscellanea
  • Book review: Preliminary atlas of the centipedes of the Netherlands by M.P. Berg and Preliminary atlas of the millipedes of the Netherlands by M.P. Berg - A.D. Barber  download paper
  • Index to volumes 1-12  Download Index

BMG Bulletin Volume 15 (1999)

  • Editorial
  • Who is the authority for Cryptops hortensis? - C.A.W. Jeekel download paper
  • Size selective predation by Geophilus insculptus on B. guttulatus - A. Heaviside & W. Arthur download paper
  • Limited variation in segment number on populations of Brachygeophilus truncorum and Geophilus insculptus in Northumberland and Durham- W. Arthur & J. Blackburn download paper
  • Further notes on Brachyschendyla dentata - A.D. Barber & R.E. Jones download paper
  • A description of Geophilus proximus - A.D. Barber & R.E. Jones download paper
  • Geophilus inscultus or Geophilus oligopus? - A.D. Barber download paper
  • Arenophilus peregrinus in Cornwall: A centipede new to mainland Britain - S. Gregory & R.E. Jones download paper
  • The Latin names of British centipedes: Comments and suggestions - C.A.W. Jeekel download paper
  • The continental distribution of British and Irish millipedes - R.D. Kime download paper

BMG Bulletin Volume 16 (2000)

  • Editorial
  • Obituary - Edward Holt Eason 1915-1999 and list of publications - J. Gordon Blower download paper
  • Myriapod (Chilopoda and Diplopoda) notes from some Irish offshore islands - M. Cawley download paper
  • A note on the myriapods (Chilopoda and Diplopoda) of Reenadinna Yew Wood, Co Kerry, Ireland - M. Cawley download paper
  • The preparation of Centipedes for microscopical examination with particular reference to the Geophilomorpha - L.A. Pereira download paper
  • Additional data on segment number in some British Geophilomorpha - J.G.E. Lewis download paper
  • The British species of Cryptops - A.D. Barber download paper
  • Milliped or Millipede? - R.L. Hofman download paper
  • Centipedes collected in west Cornwall at Easter 1998 - A.D. Barber download paper
  • Instructions for authors


BMG Bulletin Volume 2 (1985)

  • Editorial
  • Obituaries: S.M. Manton, S.G. Brade-Birks, C.H. Brookes - J.G. Blower download paper
  • Recent records of Thalassisobates littoralis (Silvestri) - P.T. Harding download paper
  • The British Chordeumatidae - J.G. Blower download paper
  • Some notes on Chaetechelyne vesuviana (Newport) - A.N.Keay download paper
  • Three chilopod species not described in 'Centipedes of the British Isles' - A.D. Barber download paper
  • The European Myriapod Survey - R.D. Kime download paper  
  • Interim report on the millipede recording scheme - C.P. Fairhurst  download paper 
  • Pollution Rhymes and Anamorphosis of a Diplopod - W. Dohle download paper