BMIG library

The BMIG Library is located at the Pelham-Clinton Building (BENHS headquarters) at Dinton Pastures near Reading. Access is avaibable to anyone either during a BENHS open day/workshop, or by prior arrangement with the BENHS Building Manager. Details of the library are held in a simple spreadsheet that can be sorted by author, year, key word, journal, ISBN, etc, to facilitate rapid searching for a particular reference or topic.
It has been compiled around Gordon Blower’s personal collection of books, with many contributions kindly donated by others. Primarily the library comprises publications by British authors, about British species or of relevance to British workers and includes identification keys, distribution atlases, conference proceedings and BMG/BISG/BMIG newsletter and bulletins.
Donations of books, and other literature, to the BMIG library will be gratefully received. Please contact the BMIG Librarian.