Discovering Millipedes, Centipedes, Woodlice & other Isopods in Britain & Ireland


Species of the Moment

House Centipede ~ Scutigera coleoptrata 

British Myriapod and Isopod Group (BMIG) 

Aims to improve awareness and knowledge of centipedes, millipedes, pauropods & symphylans (the Myriapoda) and woodlice, waterlice & intertidal isopods (the Isopoda) in Britain and Ireland.

Recording Schemes

The group is responsible for four National Recording Schemes:  1) centipedes;  2) millipedes;                  3) woodlice & waterlice (which includes the terrestrial landhopper); and 4) intertidal marine isopods.

Species information 

There is a page for each British and Irish species of centipede, millipede, woodlouse & waterlouse (including the terrestrial landhopper) and intertidal marine isopod.  This includes a brief account for each species, including distribution map, images, and identification hints. 

The addition of pages for pauropods and symphylans is ongoing.  


The BMIG Newsletter is produced twice a year and the more formal BMIG Bulletin is published annually. Submission of articles likely to be of interest to British and Irish workers is encouraged. 

Field Meetings

We hold an annual field meeting. All are welcome, beginners and experts alike. See Bursaries below. 

BMIG Bursaries 

BMIG Bursaries have been introduced to help towards the costs of attending the annual field meetings. More information here


Why not join us? Membership is free. Please complete the online application form.

Latest BMIG News

Newsletter 48 (Spring 2024) ~ Now available ~ View or download pdf from your Resources page.

2024 Annual Field Meeting & AGM ~ Will be based at Plas Tan y Bwlch, North Wales ~ More details and Booking Form here

Bulletin 35 (2023) ~ Now published. Articles include a woodlouse and a millipede new to the UK.  View or download pdf from your Resources page. 

Tony Barber's Atlas of British & Irish Centipedes (2022) now available to purchase ~ see Resources page for more information. 

Atlas of European Millipedes, Volume 3: Order Chordeumatida (2021) ~ Now published ~ View or download as pdf here

Marine (Intertidal) Isopod Recording Scheme ~ now revitalised and up and running ~ Details here.  Do collect specimens while on holiday!

Review of conservation status published (2015) ~ centipedes, millipedes & woodlice ~ Download from your Conservation page

Quick Links

The BMIG Taxa - A brief Introduction         Surveying Methods - A brief Introduction 


Centipedes ~ British & Irish Species        Pauropods ~ British & Irish Species
                     ~ Recording Scheme                  [work in progress]

Millipedes ~ British & Irish Species        Symphylans ~ British & Irish Species   
                   ~ Recording Scheme                     [work in progress]

Woodlice & Waterlice ~ British & Irish Species     
                                      ~  Recording Scheme   
 Intertidal Isopods  ~  British & Irish Species  
                                  ~  Recording Scheme
Landhopper   Landhopper Information 
                       ~  Recording Scheme