Turdulisoma cf helenreadae Mauriès, 2015

Common name

Maerdy Monster



ID Difficulty


Another species, about 12 mm long, superficially similar to Craspedosoma rawlinsii, but differing in structure of male gonopods.

Although identical in appearance to T. cf turdulorum, males are readily identified by their distinctive gonopods. A brief description, with figures, is provided by Owen & Gregory (2021).

This appears to be a new species (Jörg Spelda, pers. comm.).

J.P. Richards
J.P. Richards
J.P. Richards
Keith Lugg
Keith Lugg

Distribution and Habitat

Found by Christian Owen in December 2016 at a disused colliery site near Maerdy in South Wales, and to date not recorded anywhere else (Owen & Gregory, 2021).

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