British Myriapod and Isopod Group Newsletter

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Earlier (pre-BMIG) Newsletters are also available: British Myriapod Group Newsletter and British Isopod Study Group Newsletter

Download NewsletterBMIG Newsletter 48 (Spring 2024) 

  • BMIG AGM 2024; 
  • Stephen Lawrence Sutton (1938 – 2023); 
  • Some winter recording highlights; Scutigera makes BBC news!; 
  • Arenophilus peregrinus found in France!; Symphyla back in fashion?; 
  • Gribbles; ‘Inland’ Marine Isopods; 
  • Five millipedes new to Wales; Woodlouse eating Tigers - in Britain!; 
  • Meggy-Monny-Legs and Jack o’ the Knives; Centipede Atlas: Leach’s species names; W. E. Leach portrait;
  • FSC: Introduction to lesser known soil invertebrates.

BMIG Newsletter 47 (Autumn 2023)

  • BMIG News; BMIG Annual Field Meeting and AGM 2024; BMIG Website Update; 
  • Obituary – John Harper (1942-2022); Obituary – Des Kime (1932-2023);  
  • Atlas of the Centipedes of Britain and Ireland; Animals under Logs and Stones; 
  • Records submitted via iRecord and iNaturalist; An unknown Styloniscus; Philoscia affinis in Birmingham; 
  • Lamyctes africanus in Essex; House Centipede Scutigera found naturalised at the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall; 
  • Cryptops anomalans new to Cumbria; Garden Centre Woodlice and Millipedes; 
  • BMIG Field Meeting, April 2023; 2023 BMIG Field Meeting Reports; 
  • The Rise of AI and Implications.

BMIG Newsletter 46 (Spring 2023)

  • BMIG field weekend and AGM; 
  • Tanyptera Trust woodlice ID workshop; 
  • ISTIB 2023; NHM collections move;  BMIG & BENHS; 
  • Animals under Logs and Stones, 2nd edition; 
  • American Isopod and Myriapod Group; 
  • Key to the Woodlice of Northern France; An unexpected woodlouse in France; 
  • Three species of Brachyiulus in the British Isles?; 
  • Finding Idotea linearis.

BMIG Newsletter 45 (Autumn 2022)

  • BMIG spring field weekend and notices; 
  • Hyloniscus riparius new to Britain; 
  • BMIG Spring Field Meeting Reports; 
  • The Darwin Tree of Life Project; 
  • A millipede, or two, new to Britain – an update; 
  • Predation of Landhoppers, Myriapods and Isopods by European Robins; 
  • ‘Doubtful’ centipedes?; iNaturalist observations and BMIG recording schemes; 
  • Soil Barcode Bioblitz, 7th September 2022.

BMIG Newsletter 44 (Spring 2022)

  • BMIG spring field meeting and AGM; Myriapod meet-up report; Of unicorns and flying pigs? 
  • The observations of Douglas Richardson; Rediscovery of Lamyctes africanus in Britain; 
  • 13th century millipedes; Catching myriapods or Elephant traps for millipedes; 
  • Pauropods – moving into the limelight?; Campecopea hirsuta on the Berwickshire coast.

BMIG Newsletter 43 (Autumn 2021) 

  • BMIG 2022 Field-meeting; Changes to the BMIG constitution; De Landpissebedden van België; 
  • Online Survey of Common Names for Terrestrial Isopods: Update; “Common Geophilus” changes its name; 
  • Rediscovery of Geophilus proximus; The House Centipede, Scutigera coleoptrata; Thalassisobates new to Channel Islands; 
  • A new genus for South Yorkshire; Philoscia affinis from Yorkshire; 
  • Ceratothoa steindachneri in Kent; Clypeoniscus hanseni in Berwickshire; 
  • Darwin Tree of Life update; “Additional Resources” on the BMIG Website.

BMIG Newsletter 42 (Spring 2021)

Contents: BMIG Annual Meeting; Centipedes on the sea shore; New Recording Scheme—‘Woodlouse Flies’ Rhinophoridae; Millipede-killing flies in Britain; A millipede, or two, new to Britain; Metatrichoniscoides celticus in England; Coastal Trichoniscoides sarsi; A possible 13th century woodlouse/millipede illustration; Expanding Anamastigona pulchella?; Ommatoiulus sabulosus; An introduction to Centipedes, Millipedes and Woodlice; BMIG training on the web.

BMIG Newsletter 41 (Autmn 2020)

Contents: New recording scheme - Intertidal marine isopods; Centipede atlas update; Darwin Tree of Life - What is it - Can you help?; Lockdown recording; Luminous centipedes; The not so southern Pill Woodlouse; Porcellionides sexfasciatus new to Britain; Trichoniscoides albidus in eastern Yorkshire; Online survey of common names for terrestrial isopods; First UK record of Clypeoniscus cantacuzenei.

BMIG Newsletter 40 (Spring 2020)

Contents: BMIG AGM and Field Meeting 2020; AGM & Officer Elections; Ophyiulus germanicus, with Laboulbeniales fungus; Melogona voigtii confirmed new to England; Luminous centipedes; First record of a ‘pocket centipede?; Bye Bye Ligia; Leptoiulus belgicus down sauf; Woodlice with Iridovirus wanted.