Cylindroiulus sagittarius (Brölemann, 1897)



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A relatively well pigmented species with the telson produced into a stout pointed projection.

Confusion is possible with the ubiquitous Cylindroiulus punctatus (which occupies a similar dead wood habitat), but this later species bears a characteristic bulbous (club-shaped) tip to the projecting telson. 

A brief description, with figures, is given by Gregory & Owen (2019), who also note the occurrence on specimens of the ectoparasitic fungus Rickia laboulbenioides.

Keith Lugg
Keith Lugg
Keith Lugg
Christian Owen
Christian Owen
Steve Gregory

Distribution and Habitat

Specimens were found by Christian Owen at several sites along the Sirhowy Valley, south Wales, in December 2017. 

It has been collected from under logs and within dead wood in deciduous woodland.

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