BMIG Newsletter 47 (Autumn 2023)

  • BMIG News; BMIG Annual Field Meeting and AGM 2024; BMIG Website Update; 
  • Obituary – John Harper (1942-2022); Obituary – Des Kime (1932-2023);  
  • Atlas of the Centipedes of Britain and Ireland; Animals under Logs and Stones; 
  • Records submitted via iRecord and iNaturalist; An unknown Styloniscus; Philoscia affinis in Birmingham; 
  • Lamyctes africanus in Essex; House Centipede Scutigera found naturalised at the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall; 
  • Cryptops anomalans new to Cumbria; Garden Centre Woodlice and Millipedes; 
  • BMIG Field Meeting, April 2023; 2023 BMIG Field Meeting Reports; 
  • The Rise of AI and Implications.
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