BMIG Newsletter 39 (Autumn 2019)

Contents: BMIG Field Weekend and AGM 2020; BMIG Facebook group; Long form of Pachymerium ferrugineum on Guernsey; The status of Schendyla monoeci in Britain; Schendyla dentata & other small centipedes; Phunny Philoscia – the plot deepens; Stenophiloscia glarearum in Cornwall.

BMIG Newsletter 38 (Spring 2019)

Contents: BMIG 2019 AGM and field weekend; Woodlice needed for genetic bar-coding; Centipedes vice-country records; Ophyiulus germanicus and Philoscia affinis in Ireland; A fourth UK location for Trachysphaera lobata; Another day, another Eurypauropod; Metatrichoniscoides celticus, and more, in north Wales; Possible Chondrodesmus c.f. riparius new to Britain; Some interesting records from north-west Lancashire; Some woodlouse goodies from Essex; Sandwich Bay, Kent - BIOBLITZ -Volunteers wanted.

BMIG Newsletter 37 (Autumn 2018)

Contents: BMIG AGM and field meeting 2019; Some highlights from the BMIG field meeting in South Wales; A visitor’s view of the 2018 BMIG annual meeting; More sites for lumpy-bumpy millipedes in South Wales; Cryptops parisi in Yorkshire; A Pauropod from a Welsh Cave; House Centipedes found in home; Subterranean sampling with hypogean pitfall traps; More on Philoscia affinis.

BMIG Newsletter 36 (Spring 2018)

Contents: BMIG Field Weekend 2018; More millipedes from The Valleys; Additional UK records of Philoscia affinis; Leptoiulus belgicus in t’ North; A recent increase in landhopper Arcitalitrus dorrieni population in East Sussex; Arcitalitrus dorrieni on mainland France; Trichoniscoides sarsi in Lincolnshire; Henia vesuviana in Sheffield; A new host for the fungus Rickia laboulbenioides; Sorby Invertebrate Group.

BMIG Newsletter 35 (Autumn 2017) 

Contents: BMIG Field Weekend 2018; South Wales - yet another Chordeumatid new to Britain; Two new Julids and a mystery solved; A few records from Brownsea Island; Mouldy millipedes - Laboulbeniales fungi; Oritoniscus flavus in Scotland; Two Philoscia in Britain!; Vernacular names of centipedes; A centipede folk song; Stella Turk (1925-2017); Kenneth Hill (1924-2016); And finally...

BMIG Newsletter 34 (Spring 2017)

Contents: AGM notice; Find a new fungus for Britain on a millipede; More strange beasts in South Wales; How the centipede got its name - Lithobius forficatus; Hot woodlice and centipedes; Centipedes in the Départmentes of Finistère and Côtes-D’Armor, Brittany; Events of interest.

BMIG Newsletter 33 (Autumn 2016)

Contents: Annual Field Meeting and AGM 2017; Look out for Lamyctes africanus; A new site for Metatrichoniscoides leydigii; Porcellio laevis from Surrey; ‘Border Collies’ and other colour variations in Porcellio scaber; Cylindroiulus appeninorum on the Isle of White; Some thoughts on centipede data from John Lewis; Book review – historical interest; Centipede hunting with cats; Upcoming events of interest.

BMIG Newsletter 32 (Spring 2016)

Contents: Annual Field Meeting and AGM 2016; BMIG Bulletin Vol 28 (2015); Simple ID resources; Surrey Myriapods; Haplopodoiulus spathifer in Birmingham – a correction; A possible 17th century needlepoint woodlouse; Millipede new to Britain from south Wales; Oxford tales and an Ophyiulus new to Britain; The distribution of Melogona gallica in Oxfordshire; New records for Trichoniscoides species from Bedfordshire, Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire; Vincent Köllar: A Treatise on Insects Injurious to Gardeners, Foresters, & Farmers; Barcoding of central European Cryptops species; Upcoming events of interest.

BMIG Newsletter 31 (Autumn 2015)

Contents: Editorial; Annual Field Meeting and AGM 2016; Linlithgow field meeting 2015; Some highlights from Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh; 50 years of the Biological Records Centre; Bioblitz in South Devon; Crapedosoma rawlinsii in Cornwall and a further record of Haplophilus souletinus; Haplopodoiulus spathifer in Birmingham; More on north-eastern Landhoppers Arcitalitrus dorrieni; Article reviews.

BMIG Newsletter 30 (Spring 2015)

Contents: Editorial; Spring field meeting in Linlithgow; AGM proposals; Look out for ectoparasitic fungi on millipedes; Trachelipus rathkei found in Yorkshire; A call for help in resolving the phylogeny of the pill-millipedes; A fourth site for Haplopodoiulus spathifer;  Social myriapod – the BMIG Facebook page; Biogeographic and taxonomic catalogue of the centipedes of France; Millipede population explosions; In the journals.