BMIG Newsletter 29 (Autumn 2014)

Contents: Editorial; The Ecclesiastical Millipede Polyxenus; Gap Fillers – Woodlouse Recording Scheme; Further myriapods from an isolated island; The Spiky Yellow Woodlouse Pseudolaureola atlantica; Iridovirus in North Dulwich; Chordeuma proximum in Suffolk; More swarming millipedes; In the journals; CIM.

BMIG Newsletter 28 (Spring 2014)

Contents: Editorial; The first “British” record of Scutigera coleoptrata; Chordeuma proximum in Yorkshire; iSpot; In the journals; Doug Richardson 1919 - 2013; Michael R. Warburg 1931 - 2014; Robert George 1921 - 2013; John Cloudsley-Thompson 1921 - 2013; 9th ISTIB France 2014; 16th ICM Czech Republic 2014.

BMIG Newsletter 27 (Autumn 2013)

Contents: 2014 BMIG AGM and Field Weekend; A second Cornish site for Eurygeophilus pinguis; Henia vesuviana taking a bath in Lancashire; Annotated list of Isopoda & Myriapoda found Lundy in 2012 and 2013; What is our most isolated centipede record?; Possible Anamastigona pulchella from Oxford City; Recent Millipede Finds at Glasgow Necropolis; Further Records of the centipede Stigmatogaster souletina.

BMIG Newsletter 26 (Spring 2013)

Contents: 2013 BMIG AGM and Field Weekend; Obituary: Eric Philp; ID Courses; Centipede records; More on (semi-)terrestrial amphipods: Orchestia cavimana; Centipede bites; New BMIG Website; Some Scots millipede records; In the journals.

BMIG Newsletter 1 (Autumn 2000)

Contents: Notes from the Editor; Inaugural meeting of the British Myriapod and Isopod Group, April 2000; Non-marine Isopod Recording Scheme; Easter 2001 Field Meeting and AGM; Centipede bites; FSC Myriapod and Isopod Course at Flatford Mill; Stenophiloscia zosterae re-found in North Essex; The land-hopper (Arcitalitrus dorrieni) in Britain; Updated species accounts: Brachychaeteuma bagnalli, Brachychaeteuma bradeae, Brachychaeteuma melanops & Cylindroiulus latestriatus.

BMIG Newsletter 2 (Spring 2001)

Contents: BMIG business; 2001 Annual Field Meeting postponed due to foot and mouth; Help! - A plea for contributions; Millipede Recording Scheme news; Observations on Platyarthrus hoffmannseggi and some other less common woodlice in NW England; Upcoming review of the Irish centipedes; Great expectations; Update on the Woodlouse Recording Scheme; Some Rum millipedes; Just in case you can’t help poking about on holiday!; The Dr Edward Eason collection; Draft species account - Craspedosoma rawlinsii.

BMIG Newsletter 3 (Autumn 2001)

Contents: John Gordon Blower 1923-2001; BMIG business; Help! - A plea for contributions; Millipede Recording Scheme new; Outstanding Isopod Records; Trichoniscid season is upon us!; Electronic Records - Catching up with the 1990’s!; BMIG Annual Field Meeting to Ireland; BMIG and the National Biodiversity Network. 

BMIG Newsletter 4 (Spring 2002)

Contents: BMIG business; Haplophthalmus montivagus new to Wales; Exclusive Trichoniscoides; Millipede Recording Scheme news; Autumn Field Meeting to Kew Gardens; Draft species account Polydesmus testaceus. 

BMIG Newsletter 5 (Autumn 2002)

Contents: BMIG business; Woodlice on the web; Obituary - W.D. (Bill) Williams; Non-marine Isopod Recording Scheme News; One species of centipede (G.carpophagus) becomes two; Swimming pools; Exclusive Trichoniscoides – part two; Extent of woodlouse recording in Britain and Ireland; National Biodiversity Network - Conferences and Seminars; A Synopsis of the North American Centipedes of the Order Scolopendromorpha; Centipede man admits to collecting rare woodlouse.

BMIG Newsletter 6 (Spring 2003)

Contents: BMIG business; Report of Derbyshire field meeting, Easter 2002; The 12th International Congress of Myriapodology, South Africa, 2002; Non-marine Isopod Recording Scheme news; BMIG library and reference collection; Some south London myriapods; Updated woodlouse distribution maps; Desiccation tolerance of Armadillidium depressum; A massive concentration of Polyxenus lagurus.