Trachypauropus britannicus Scheller, 1990


This tiny species (about 1mm long) was described new to science in 1990 from specimens collected by Gordon Blower by Tulgren extraction in the Lake District.

Belonging to family Eurypauropodidae, it has a relatively short and squat appearance and is currently the only known representative of this family in the UK (The more elongated Pauropodidae look very different).

In 2018 specimens were observed in a garden in south Wales - see images.

Stewart Bevan
Stewart Bevan
Stewart Bevan
Dawid Martyniuk


Barber, A.D., Blower, J.G., Scheller, U. (1992). Pauropoda, the smallest myriapods. Bulletin of the British Myriapod Group 8: 13-24.   Scheller,U. (1990). A list of the British Pauropoda with a description of a new species of Eurypauropodidae (Myriapoda). Journal of Natural  History 24: 1179-1195.

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