Jaera hopeana Costa, 1853


Jaera (Jaera) hopeana Costa, 1853

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Jaera are small, ubiquitous intertidal marine isopods which can be identified to species by the examination of male reproductive structures (specifically the preoperculum) and pereopods. Preopercula can be examined using a binocular dissecting microscope, but examination of pereopods is best done using a compound microscope at low power.

Jaera hopeana is a small ectocommensal species (males 1.5mm, females up to 2.0mm). The male preoperculum is diagnostic, having narrow, long arms. See further the Identifying Jaera page.

Recorded only from a single location (and not recently) in south Devon, living ectocommensally on the ventral surface of the marine isopod Sphaeroma serratum near a freshwater seepage between HWN and MTL.


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