Geophilus seurati Brolemann, 1924


  • Geophilus fucorum seurati Brolemann, 1924
  • Geophilus gracilis Meinert, 1870


  • GB IUCN status: Least Concern
  • GB rarity status: Nationally Scarce

ID Difficulty


Ten species of Geophilus are known from Britain and Ireland. 

The exclusively coastal Geophilus seurati (G. gracilis in Tony Barber's 2008 & 2009 identification keys) is another distinctly yellowish centipede (to 30 mm) with a darker reddish head. It is differentiated from the similar looking G. flavus and G. osquidatum on subtle (microscopic) characters (coxal pores, carpophagus fossae and poison claw).  

More information to allow accurate identification is given in the published identification keys by Tony Barber (2008 & 2009).

Tony Barber
Keith Lugg
Steve Trewhella
Steve Trewhella
Steve Trewhella

Distribution and Habitat

Geophilus seurati is an exclusively coastal species is found mainly along the southern and western coasts of both Britain and Ireland. Isolated records occur as far north as western Scotland. 


It typically occurs in estuaries and saltmarsh, where it occurs under stones on mud (or other substrates) near or even below the high water mark. It has been collected from core samples (Smith & Barber, 2012).

This account is based on the 'Centipede Atlas' (Barber, 2022).

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