Hemiarthrus abdominalis (Krøyer, 1840)


Bobyrus abdominalis Krøyer, 1840; Phryxus abdominalis (Krøyer, 1840); Phryxus hippolytes Rathke, 1843



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H. abdominalis is a parasite of various prawns and shrimps in genera such as EualusHippolytePandalus and Spirontocaris. It is typically found enclosed between the plates of the first two segments of its host. The female is a large, irregular mass of oostegites twisted to one side, the legs of the inner side remaining but most of those of the outer side being absent. Its head is withdrawn under the oostegites into the first pereon segment. The male has a typical isopod shape, the unsegmented pleotelson having a broadly triangular shape. Female up to 11 mm, male to 3 mm.

H. abdominalis is not included in Naylor & Brandt (2015), probably because its hosts are primarily sublittoral. A detailed description of all life-stages of this species (designated as Phryxus abdominalis) with copious illustrations is given in Sars (1899).

Distribution and Habitat

Most of this species hosts occur sublittorally or at very low tide margins. It has been recorded in Northumberland (see Foster-Smith 2000), north-west Wales and the Isle of Man.


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