Gyge branchialis Cornalia & Panceri, 1861



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Gyge branchialis is a parasite of the mud lobsters Upogebia deltaura and U. stellata and, occasionally, of the squat lobster Galathea squamifera. The larger female (up to 12 x 9 mm) is oval shaped with distinct pleon segments and small, uniramous pleopods. The uropods are small projections. The smaller male (up to 5 mm) has distinct pleon segments and small simple uropods.

Distribution and Habitat

This parasitic isopod inhabits the gill chamber of its host species, all three of which are widespread around Britain and Ireland, though in the case of Upogebia mostly sublittorally. There are intertidal records in mud at low water from south Devon and the Channel Islands.


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