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  • Hyloniscus riparius (C. Koch, 1838); a pygmy woodlouse new for the UK from the Worcestershire Avon (Isopoda: Oniscidea: Trichoniscidae) – Steve J. Gregory & Gary Farmer download here   
  • Polydesmus taranus Verhoeff, 1936, a millipede new to Britain, ‘hiding’ among additional British localities for Polydesmus asthenestatus Pocock, 1894 (Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Polydesmidae) – Steve J. Gregory download here 
  • Ecological studies on Trachysphaera lobata (Ribaut, 1954) (Glomerida: Glomeridae) in the UK, with comments on the results of a taxonomic study – Helen Read, Paul Lee, Thomas Wesener & Jeanne Wilbrandt download here   
  • William Elford Leach and his myriapod studies – Anthony D. Barber and Helen J. Read download here   
  • On the species names of some British millipedes – Helen J. Read & Henrik Enghoff download here   
  • New records of centipedes (Myriapoda, Chilopoda) from some European countries – David Cabanillas download here   
  • Preliminary data on the myriapod fauna (Chilopoda and Diplopoda) of some nature reserves in Poland – Artsiom Ostrovsky & Oleg Aleksandrowicz download here   
  • A female Lithobius forficatus (Chilopoda, Lithobiomorpha) with unusually damaged gonopod spurs – Anthony D. Barber download here   

Field meeting reports    

  • Report on the BMIG field meeting in South Wales in 2018 - Steve J. Gregory, Anthony D. Barber & Paul Lee download here
  • Report on the BMIG field meeting in Newton Stewart in 2019 - Steve J. Gregory, Paul Lee, Anthony D. Barber & Warren Maguire download here


  • Bjarne Andreas Meidell (1943 – 2022) by Per Djursvoll, Hilke Ruhberg & Helen Read download here

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