BMIG Bulletin Volume 29 (2016)



  • On the terrestrial landhopper Arcitalitrus dorrieni (Hunt, 1925) (Amphipoda: Talitridae): Identification and current distribution – Steve J. Gregory  download here
  • Early county lists of non-marine Isopoda and Myriapoda from Cambridgeshire compiled by the Rev. Leonard Jenyns – Paul T. Harding and A.D. Barber   download here
  • Is Porcellio laevis (Latreille) declining in Britain and Ireland? – Paul T. Harding   download here
  • Cylindroiulus apenninorum (Brölemann, 1897) (Diplopoda, Julida: Julidae) new for the UK from the Isle of Wight and South Devon – A. D. Barber & Helen J. Read   download here
  • A third British site for Metatrichoniscoides leydigii (Weber, 1880) – Paul Richards   download 
  • New records and habitat observations for Trichoniscoides species (Isopoda, Oniscidea: Trichoniscidae) from Bedfordshire and Derbyshire – Paul Richards   download here
  • Identification of North European Melogona females, and the first record of M. gallica (Latzel, 1884) from Denmark (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida: Chordeumatidae) – Henrik Enghoff   download here
  • Confirmation of the presence of Lamyctes africanus (Porath, 1871) in France (Chilopoda, Lithobiomorpha: Henicopidae) – Etienne Iorio   download here


  • Defence fluids of millipedes; a warning – Thomas Wesener  download here

Field meeting reports

  • Report of BMIG field meeting at Claonaig, Kintyre, September 2010: Woodlice and Millipedes including additional Scottish records of Chordeuma sylvestre C.L.Koch and Leptoiulus belgicus Latzel – Steve J. Gregory  download here

Book reviews

  • Les chilopodes (Chilopoda) de la moitié nord de France (by Etienne Iorio & Aurélien Labroche) – A.D. Barber   download here

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