Microjaera anisopoda Bocquet & Levi, 1955

ID Difficulty



This species is small (females up to 1.4 mm, males smaller), elongate (six times as long as wide), eyeless, with short antennae and a sharply pointed pleotelson. The male preoperculum is T-shaped. Although identification of the species is theoretically straight-forward, its small size and the difficulty in finding it present significant challenges.

M. anisopoda lives interstitially in sand and gravel, both intertidally and sublittorally. Due to its size and the difficulty in finding it amongst the substrate, it is poorly recorded, though it appears to be of south-westerly distribution.


Naylor, E. & A. Brandt. 2015. Intertidal Marine Isopods. Synopses of the British Fauna (New Series), No. 3. Field Studies Council, for The Linnean Society of London.

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