Isopoda Volume 1 (1987)

  • Asellus aquaticus (L.), Asellus meridianus (Racovitza) and Sphaeroma hookeri (Leach) in the Rye area, S.E. England - E.K. Goldie-Smith
  • Provisional atlas of the association between Platyarthrus hoffmannseggi and ants in Britain and Ireland - C.A.C. Hames
  • Biogeography of woodlice in Britain and Ireland - S.P. Hopkin
  • A species of Haplophthalmus new to Britain - S.P. Hopkin & A.W.P. Roberts
  • Woodlice of the Isles of Scilly - R.E. Jones & P. Pratley
  • A report on the woodlice of Cornwall - S.P. Jones



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