BMIG Bulletin Volume 22 (2007)

  • Editorial
  • Obituary
  • Articles
    • The BMIG specimen collection – John Harper download here
    • On Cryptops doriae Pocock, from the wet tropical biome of the Eden project, Cornwall (Chilopoda, Scolopendromorpha, Cryptopidae) – J.G.E. Lewis download here
    • A comparison of the growth patterns in British and Iberian populations of Lithobius variegatus Leach (Chilopoda, Lithobiomorpha) – J.G.E. Lewis download here
    • Charles Rawcliffe’s discovery of the alien woodlouse Styloniscus mauritiensis (Barnard 1936). – G.M. Collis & P.T. Harding download here
    • An indexed bibliography of the first published records of British and Irish millipedes (Diplopoda) – P.T. Harding download here
    • List of papers on Myriapoda published by F.A. Turk – H.J. Read download here
    • List of papers on Myriapoda published by S.W. Rolfe – H.J. Read download here
    • Street Safari: recording myriapods and isopods as part of a community project in Sheffield – Peter Clegg & Paul Richards. download here
  • Field meeting reports
    • Report on the 2006 BMIG meeting in Ayrshire – G.M. Collis download here
  • Book Review
    • Atlas of the Millipedes (Diplopoda) of Britain and Ireland by P. Lee – G.B. Corbet
  • Short communications: Observations
    • Cylindroiulus londinensis and C.caeruleocinctus at Westonbirt, Gloucestershire – John Harper
  • Short communications: Notices
    • Paperback re-issue of The Biology of Centipedes by J.G.E. Lewis




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