BMG Bulletin Volume 15 (1999)

  • Editorial
  • Who is the authority for Cryptops hortensis? - C.A.W. Jeekel
  • Size selective predation by Geophilus insculptus on B. guttulatus - A. Heaviside & W. Arthur
  • Limited variation in segment number on populations of Brachygeophilus truncorum and Geophilus insculptus in Northumberland and Durham- W. Arthur & J. Blackburn
  • Further notes on Brachyschendyla dentata - A.D. Barber & R.E. Jones
  • A description of Geophilus proximus - A.D. Barber & R.E. Jones
  • Geophilus inscultus or Geophilus oligopus? - A.D. Barber
  • Arenophilus peregrinus in Cornwall: A centipede new to mainland Britain - S. Gregory & R.E. Jones
  • The Latin names of British centipedes: Comments and suggestions - C.A.W. Jeekel
  • The continental distribution of British and Irish millipedes - R.D. Kime



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