Philoscia affinis Verhoeff, 1908


Although superficially similar to the ubquitous P. muscorum in general appearence, the pigmentation of the head and body is a good guide to identification (Segers, Boeraeve & De Smedt, in press).
Reliable identification requires microscopic examination of 7th pereiopod of a male specimen.


Keith Lugg
Keith Lugg
Keith Lugg
Steve Gregory

Distribution and Habitat

The presence of this species in the UK was first confirmed in south-east England in summer 2017 (Segers, Boeraeve & De Smedt, in press).
Subsequently, specimens collected in 2007 from Oban, western Scotland (but, mis-identified as P. muscorum) have been discovered and recently a specimen has been collected from a site in north Wales. This species has clearly been over-looked in Britain and could prove to be widespread if searched for.
This species has a preference for woodland sites (P. muscorum favours grassland sites).